Welcome to the website for the Lochac Fencing combat community.

Want to know about how we organise and manage fencing combat within the Kingdom of Lochac? Well you want the Marshallate page. You’ll find the contact details for the Kingdom’s Marshallate, the rules we use as well as the authorisation forms.

If learning all about period martial arts is your thing, then you want the Guild page. Here you’ll find the information for the inner workings of Lochac’s Royal Guild of Defence, its administration, Charter and Ordinances, membership, as well as its history.

Like any SCA Kingdom, we have several Traditions within the fencing community. Awards may given to those who excel is the art, teaching and promotion of the art of fence within Lochac, and those are listed on the page. The page also contains some information about the major tournaments and prestigious prizes that we have within the Kingdom.

Getting onto the field is easier thanks to our Resources section. This section has links to discussion lists, equipment suppliers, local practices, training material, period fencing manuals, books and other useful stuff.

Lochac has long held a reputation for being strong in research. The Articles section contains the various articles written by members of our community and held on this server. The articles are categorised for easy browsing by subject.

Declaration of Principles

Unto all who might see these words,

The rapier fencing community of Lochac wish to declare our support for the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion in the Kingdom of Lochac and throughout the Known World. We welcome participants from all backgrounds, regardless of their ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious beliefs, or abilities. We seek to recreate only the positive aspects of the past, and we reject all forms of intolerance and bigotry and those who would practice them.

Yours in service, and on behalf of the fencers and rapier marshals of Lochac,
Armiger Jude Aleksandr Donetsk
Lochac KRM